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Squirrel Removal Services.

Bothered by squirrels on your property? You’re not alone. As it happens, squirrels are some of the most common wildlife intruders on human properties across the United States, and we’re here to help you! 

On this page, we look at what attracts squirrels to human properties in the first place, as well as what your removal and exclusion options are, once you discover squirrels living on your property. We also advise you on some preventive measures, so that your home can be well cared for.

How do we remove squirrels from the property?

General, at Nuisance Wildlife Control, we believe in humane and safe removal practices. We do not use products or traps that will in any way harm the squirrel, but rather focus on the safe capture and relocation of the animal. We offer exclusive removal and exclusion services so that depending on where on your property the squirrel is, you can make sure it gets out.

What is humane squirrel removal?

Humane squirrel removal practices involve the use of various entrapment devices, mostly cages, that will capture the animal, without actually causing it harm. First, we will inspect your property, and figure out the squirrel’s entry point. If you’ve got a squirrel nesting in your home, it’s quite likely that it’s using that entry point fairly often to gather food. By inspecting the home, we are able to determine the squirrel’s usual path, and then plant our trap along the way. 

We only use live traps, which lure the squirrel inside by the use of bait (often peanut butter). Once the squirrel is inside, it will step on a plate that will then cause the door of the cage to fall shut. All through this, we are checking regularly on the trap, to make sure we don’t leave the squirrel trapped inside, suffering needlessly. 

Once the squirrel has been safely captured, we then relocate it to a safe area, where it won’t be able to bother you or your neighbors anymore. We then set it free into the wild, without harming it.

Alternatively, we can recommend exclusion practices, if we consider them a more efficient way of getting rid of your squirrel troubles.

What is squirrel exclusion?

As mentioned earlier, when you’ve got a squirrel on your property, it’s quite likely that it’s using a specific entry point, to get in and out. Often, this is a hole or crack in the wall that’s just big enough for the animal to squeeze through.

Now, we only work with the best exclusion devices. An exclusion device is basically like a sort of misshapen gate that we attach to the exterior of the squirrel’s entry point. The exclusion device allows the squirrel to get out, no problem, but because of its unusual shape, it doesn’t allow the animal to get back inside, thus effectively solving your squirrel problem.

The best method of squirrel removal will be decided by our team of wildlife removal experts, after an inspection of your home.

What’s next?

Once the squirrel has been safely removed, we need to focus on fixing the entry point, and sealing it in such a way that it won’t permit the access of other animals in the future. This usually means using a material like wire mesh, or something similar that doesn’t allow an animal to chew or claw its way in, since wild animals have been known to do that when discovering a weak point in a building.

Taking preventive measures…

We always tell our customers that prevention is a lot better than having to remove a wild animal from your home. This is why, if you’ve had squirrel problems in the past, we recommend that you follow a few squirrel prevention tips to minimize the chance of a new invasion.

  • Keep edibles to a minimum – consider that food is the main point of attraction for a squirrel, inside a human home. By reducing the number of edibles on your property, you also deter squirrels from approaching. This can include picking up fallen fruit in your yard, fencing your garden patch, bringing in pet food overnight, and keeping the home clean of leftovers, crumbs, and so on. 
  • Reduce clutter – this goes for both the outside and the inside of your home. Squirrels, like most other wild animals, will look for rooms like the attic, where they’re less likely to be detected. Since these rooms are often used for storage, they also offer ample hiding space for animals. This is why we urge you to regularly clean up around these rooms, and get rid of stuff you don’t need. Similarly, in your yard, keep log piles to a minimum and trim your bushes, to give the squirrel a little hiding space as possible. 
  • Keep your trees in shape – squirrels are often entering the home by climbing a tree, and following an overgrown tree branch to your roof or attic space. By keeping your trees neat, you don’t allow them to do that.

Who are we?

At Nuisance Wildlife Control, we specialize in the removal of various wildlife pests from human homes. With over thirty years of experience at our back, we’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see when it comes to wildlife invasions, so let us show you how it’s done.

We are based in the Decatur, Madison, and Huntsville, AL, areas, and we service pretty much all of Northern Alabama. We also offer free estimates on how much wildlife removal is going to cost you, so give us a call!

Do you have a squirrel problem in the Northern Alabama area?

We wouldn’t recommend attempting squirrel removal on your own, as this can result in injury, and usually proves inefficient. Instead, if you’re dealing with or worried about a squirrel invasion in the Decatur, Madison, or Huntsville, AL, areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 256-636-1168. Our team of wildlife removal experts will inspect the property, and figure out the best way to solve your squirrel troubles quickly and efficiently.

How to Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Attic?

Squirrels are crafty animals that can easily find their way into your attic. And, once these pests enter your property, they could wreak some serious damage to your home. Property damage includes biting through wires, tearing through insulation, and even damage to the baseboards in your attic. Here is a great resource at squirrelattic.com to find out how to handle squirrels in the attic.

Still, how exactly can you keep squirrels out of your house and away from your attic? Throughout the rest of this post, we’ll provide you with some helpful solutions that will keep squirrels away for good. 

  1. Inspect Trees Near Your Property

The first thing you want to do is check any trees around your home. Trees are not only a prime breeding spot for squirrels, but they also allow these animals to climb into your attic. Long tree limbs, in particular, make it especially easy for squirrels to hop onto your roof and into your property.

So, try to cut or trim tree limbs that are close to your house, especially if they are near entry points like windows. You don’t want to give squirrels any chance to enter your home.

  1. Check For Entry Points In Your Attic

After you check your trees, we recommend looking around your attic for entry points. If there are no holes or spaces for squirrels to crawl through then they can’t enter your attic. But, if you have any openings for squirrels, even small cracks, these animals will enter your home. 

Check both inside and outside your house. Use a flashlight to find any entry points. And, once you find these entry points, you need to seal them. You can use hardware cloth to seal the holes or other durable materials that act as a sealant. 

  1. Use Squirrel Repellent

Squirrel repellent can also be used before squirrels enter your home. The best thing to do with any repellent is to spray it around the perimeter of your home. Squirrels have a strong sense of taste and smell. 

So, if you spray this around your home, then squirrels are less likely to return to your property and come into your attic. You can even spray repellent in your attic, but make sure you use all-natural ingredients like pepper and garlic, and water to mix it all together into a repellent. 

  1. Seal Your Chimney

Chimneys are another entry point that squirrels will use to break into your home. Make sure to seal up your chimney with chimney caps or a cover. You can also look for holes in your chimney to make sure squirrels aren’t sneaking in this way. 

  1. Secure Food Sources

Food sources can attract squirrels to your home and get them to crawl into your attic. Keeping this in mind, you want to be careful of what kinds of foods you leave out, especially if you have a bird feeder on your property. 

Squirrels like anything with nuts, seeds, or corn. You’ll want to change your bird feeder with some different food or protect it from squirrels with some sturdy mesh wire. 

  1. Use A Sprinkler System With Motion Detection 

Finally, try using a sprinkler system with motion detection to get squirrels away from your home. Powerful sprays of water will keep squirrels and other animals far away from your property and prevent them from crawling into your attic. 

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