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PLEASE NOTE: We do not remove dogs, cats, mice or rats.

Marshall County, AL

If you’re living in Marshall County, AL, and are experiencing problems with unwanted wildlife on or around your property, Nuisance Wildlife Control invites you to give us a call. Our team of wildlife removal professionals is ready to jump into action, and rid your property of any nuisance wild animals that might be damaging your belongings, or compromising your safety.

Why should you hire locally? 

There are a number of benefits to hiring a local wildlife removal company, such as ours. One of them is that we are familiar with all the local restrictions and regulations in this matter. Sometimes, improper wild animal exclusion or removal can get you in legal trouble, and result in a hefty fine. Naturally, you don’t want that. 

Other benefits include the speed of service and reliability. All our clients are based in the Northern Alabama region – your neighbors, most likely!

Who are we?

Nuisance Wildlife Control is a wildlife removal company that is owned locally, and that has served the Northern Alabama area for more than 30 years now. We have locations in Decatur, AL (in neighboring Morgan County), and in Madison, and Huntsville, AL (in Madison County).

We specialize in the humane and safe removal of nuisance wildlife. This means we don’t harm the animals that we remove, and usually release them back into the wild. We also offer damage repair services, since more often than not, wild animals can cause quite a bit of a ruckus. Lastly, we also offer cleanup and sanitation, in order to keep your home bacteria-free and remove any offensive materials left behind by wild intruders.

Our services

Our services are, as mentioned, humane, which means you don’t need to concern yourself about the wellbeing of the nuisance animal. A common concern of homeowners is they don’t want the animals harmed or killed, which we understand, and support completely. This is why our team of wildlife removal experts has been trained to handle the animals with great care and humanity.

We use:

  • Live traps – which are basically cages that we lure the wild animal into by the use of bait. Once inside, the wild animal will trigger the door of the cage to fall shut, thus capturing it, but not harming it. We use live traps to carry the animal away from your property, and release it back into the wilderness, a safe distance from your house so that it can’t be an issue anymore.
  • Exclusion devices – we also employ various exclusion devices, which we set up on the exterior of your home, right on the animal’s entry point. Exclusion devices usually have a specific shape, like a cone, for example, which will allow the animal to squeeze through into the outside world, to look for food, but not to re-enter.
  • Deterrents & other methods – in some cases, where live trapping or exclusion aren’t good options, we focus on deterrents, such as motion or light devices, or bird spikes, or so on. These devices are usually intended to simply scare the animal, or make your property as undesirable to them as possible while causing no harm.

Repairs and Cleanup

One of the main issues about wild animals on your property is that they expose you to harmful bacteria through their droppings, fur, hair, or other such elements. Our team also specializes in sanitizing the area, removing any offensive material, and ensuring that you and your family are 100% safe.

We also repair the elements of your home damaged by the wild animal, such as the trampled insulation, the chewed electric cords, and so on. We also offer damage repair and restoration for attics and crawlspaces.

We make it our mission to ensure the house looks like it used to! 

Animals we remove…

Our team specializes in the removal of birds, bats, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, possums, raccoons, groundhogs, snakes, coyotes, beavers, and foxes. We don’t handle cats, mice, rats, or dogs.

Got wildlife trouble in Marshall County, AL? Give us a call today at 256-636-1168, or reach out using our online form. Our team of wildlife removal professionals at Nuisance Wildlife Control will reach out presently, and take care of your wildlife removal problem for you! 

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