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Nuisance Wildlife Control can help you with safe and prompt animal control services including capture, removal of wildlife, and exclusion services. Our locally owned business has been serving Northern Alabama for over 30 years, making us the authority in animal removal Madison, AL, depends on. We specialize in government and commercial work. We do not do cat and dog removal.

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Wild animals can live in your home and raise their families there, which can cause damage to your home as well as spread diseases. Also, animals can chew through wiring and nest in your insulation. It becomes necessary to safely and humanely remove wildlife and their young ones from your property. Contact us to learn more. We will respond to your call within 24 hours.

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How to Keep Skunks Out Of Your Property?

Skunks are mostly harmless, but no one wants these animals stinking up their property. If you are looking for simple ways to keep skunks away from your home, you have come to the right place. To learn more about skunk removal visit We’ll tell you exactly how to prevent skunks from nesting on your property here.

  1. Secure and Remove Any Food Sources

Skunks and other types of animals are more likely to nest on your property if they have a source of food. This is why it is important to remove or secure food sources on your property. Make sure that your trash cans are shut tight and sealed up properly. 

Then, get rid of any open food in your yard or back yard. This includes pet food and food you have left outside. Other food sources like grubs, small animals, and even snakes should be dealt with. Skunks consume more than human food, so you need to deal with any pest problems to keep skunks away for good. 

  1. Use Motion Detectors, Sprinklers, and Lights

Scaring off skunks with motion detectors and sprinklers can be another effective method. Skunks will be less likely to come back to your home if they are sprayed with water or flashed with bright lights. 

  1. Check For Entry Points and Nesting Spots

Skunks don’t just take food from your property, though, they will also nest outside or inside your home, if they can find a nice spot to nest in. Most skunks don’t like to make their own nest, though. They prefer to enter your home or even burrow under fences.

To prevent skunks from staying on your property, look for nesting sites that were used by other animals. Skunks might make them their own. Most nesting spots can be found in your garage or attic.

If you don’t find a nesting spot, be on the lookout for entry points. You want to do everything in your power to keep skunks out of your house. 

  1. Use Skunk Repellent 

Skunk repellent is a great way to keep skunks and other animals off your property. Use repellant that is all-natural and has a strong scent. This will allow you to spray the repellant in more areas and will keep you and your family safe from dangerous chemicals.

Spraying this substance around your yard and the perimeter of your home will be most effective. But you can also spray repellant in your garage and attic in case these animals try to enter your home. Citrus smells are pretty effective against skunks, this includes scents like oranges, grapefruit, and lemons. But you can also try garlic and red peppers. 

  1. Clean Up Your Front Yard and Backyard

Finally, to keep skunks off your property, you will want to clean up the outside of your home. Nuts, fruits, and other edible plants can be a beacon to skunks and other types of wildlife. So, you should regularly rake your front and backyard to get rid of these food sources. 

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Skunks can be a major nuisance to homeowners. If you are dealing with a skunk infestation and need to remove these pests from your property now, contact Nuisance Wildlife Control. Our company has over three decades of experience dealing with wildlife. 

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How to Keep Skunks from The Attic

Skunks are known to live near or even under people’s houses. Despite how inconvenient that may sound, these animals don’t mind encroaching in your space. And to make things even worse, they will spray their smelling trademark liquid to mark their territory. When it comes to smelly skunks, you can only hope that they don’t find your property comfortable, but that’s not always the case. So, how do you deal with skunks in your attic? The best method is usually to make your property and attic unattractive to skunks, but if they have already gotten into your attic, then you will have to explore other options, and some of those options are discussed below. 

Secure your garbage

Skunks are always on the lookout for an opportunity, and when they find one, they won’t hesitate to jump on it. These animals have a voracious appetite for both plants and small animals. They are omnivores, with a diet that includes a wide range of things, most of which can be found in trash cans, gardens and lawns. Small wonder that skunks are very attracted to residential buildings. You can ensure that these animals don’t feed from your garbage by using animal-proof trash cans with a very secure and tight-fitting lid. If skunks are unable to get into your trash, they will likely not be sticking around your property for long. 

Install bright lights

Skunks are nocturnal animals, and only come out at night. When foraging, they use the cover of night to their advantage. These animals dislike bright light, so you can install bright lights in your yard to discourage them from coming close. Lights with motion-sensors are usually the best, because they come on when motion is detected, as a skunk approaches the light will come on and send it running away from your yard. You use solar-powered lighting to ensure that the lights stay on all night. Not only will these lights discourage skunks, but it will also discourage many other destructive nocturnal animals that you obviously don’t want around your home. 

Declutter your yard

Beside food, the other thing that attracts animals like skunks is shelter. If your yard has piles of logs, shrubs and clutter where animals can hide, this will encourage them to stick around long enough to find a way into your attic. By removing clutter, you will make your property unattractive to skunks and nuisance animals in general. If skunks don’t hang out in your yard, they won’t find their way into your attic.

Spray skunk repellents

The urine of a fox is a popular and effective skunk repellent. When the skunk smells the urine, it will assume there is a predator around and choose to avoid the area. Citrus peels have natural skunk repellent properties as well. To keep skunks away, throw lemon and orange peels throughout your property. Another option is cayenne pepper spray. You can make your own by mixing pepper spray with water and cayenne pepper. This is an alternative to fox urine, and it’s a good technique to keep skunks away.

If everything else fails, call for professional help!

If you have skunks in your attic, try not to panic. Also, don’t try to approach the animals or evict them yourselves to avoid getting sprayed. When dealing with skunks, the best course of action will always be to get in touch with a professional skunk removal company. Give us a call for any skunk-related questions, and don’t hesitate to call for inspection and skunk removal from the attic. Our professionals can safely and humanely remove the skunk from your property.

skunk removal

How To Get Skunks Out Of Your Garden?

Skunks are problematic animals because of their spray, which gives off a terrible scent and can temporarily blind you. These animals also dig mounds in your lawn when searching for grub, or they eat your garden plants. Skunks are also notorious for carrying diseases like rabies, so you should keep your distance.

There’s no need to be alarmed, because you can get rid of skunks by using some of these techniques.

1. Use Repellents

Despite being notorious for their smell, skunks don’t like strong scents. You can repel them from your garden using different substances.

  • Ammonia. You can either spray ammonia around your garden or place ammonia-soaked rags near important areas to ward off skunks.
  • Predator urine. This liquid gives off a strong smell and makes a skunk think it’s in danger. Dog or coyote urine are some of the most recommended.
  • Castor oil. A combination of castor oil and water can be sprayed around your garden to keep skunks at bay.
  • Citrus plants. You can grow oranges and lemons in your garden. The scent of citrus is bothersome to skunks and a few other animals.

Skunks are also nocturnal animals (meaning they are active at night), so they’ve become sensitive to bright lights. You can leave out bright lights or use a motion-activated spotlight to disturb the skunks and keep them away.

Keep in mind that repellents are not always effective and they need to be consistently reapplied or they will stop working.

2. Remove Food

Skunks enter your home in search of food, so you can get them to leave by removing the things they eat. This is a simple but effective method that also prevents other wild animals from entering your garden.

  • Sealing garbage. Skunks are known to rummage through garbage cans on occasion. By using animal-proof lids for your trash cans, you prevent skunks from getting their food and stop the smell from attracting wildlife.
  • Keeping pet food indoors. Your pet food may be meant for your cat or dog, but it can also attract hungry skunks. That’s why you should feed your pets indoors, to prevent wild animals from getting their paws on the food.
  • Remove bird feeders. Like pet food, bird feeders attract skunks and other wildlife. You can either completely remove the birdfeeder, or replace the bird food with spicy variants. This added heat doesn’t affect birds, but will affect mammals like skunks and squirrels.
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables early. Home-grown fruits and vegetables are great, but they may be feeding wild skunks if you aren’t careful. Harvest your plants the moment they ripen, before any wildlife can eat them.

3. Install Barriers

You can prevent skunks from entering your garden by installing a fence around your home. Regular maintenance of the fence will also stop wildlife from taking advantage of an opening.

You should also install chicken wire around important plants and your shed. This stops skunks from getting too close.

4. Trap Skunks

Sometimes you have no option but to trap the skunks and relocate them. Start by placing the trap near the fence (or other places they frequently gather). Then use fruit as bait (a good option is watermelon). Finally, frequently check up on the trap and relocate them whenever it’s full.

It’s recommended you wear gloves while placing traps. This stops the trap from smelling like people, which lulls the skunks into a sense of security. You should also wear goggles or other equipment when handling skunks, because they can be dangerous.

5. Call Professionals

Removing skunks is a dangerous process that is best left to the experts. These professionals will help you remove and prevent skunks, all while saving you time.

Local laws affect how you can and cannot remove skunks, so contacting a wildlife removal company will ensure that you are following the correct procedures. So call a professional to solve your skunk problem today.

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