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Welcome to our nuisance wildlife control! We’re here to help because we honestly think that no animal is too difficult to handle. We understand the value of maintaining your home’s natural peace and quiet. We also understand how important it is to ensure that you, your loved ones, and your pets, are safe from unwanted wildlife on your property. So here, at Nuisance Wildlife Control, we’ve made it our mission to remove unwelcome wildlife!

Wildlife Removal Services

Trust Nuisance Wildlife Control to remove unwanted wildlife animals from your property. We are licensed and insured for your protection. Call (256) 636-1168 today.

Exclusion Services

Based on the damage caused, our fully equipped professionals will strive to restore your property to its pre-wildlife invasion conditions. Call for a FREE estimate.

Helpful Tips

Get tips and tricks from Nuisance Wildlife Control, the professionals in animal removal Decatur, AL, trusts. From preventing wildlife from entering your home to cleaning up after grilling, our tips help! Contact us today .

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Since every situation is a little different, Nuisance Wildlife Control offers FREE estimates, so you can work out your available budget ahead of time. Simply call (256) 636-1168, or contact us online.

While we think it’s important to safeguard human properties against unwanted wildlife, we don’t think that should mean harming the animals. They’re just looking for food and shelter, so what we at Nuisance Wildlife Control do is relocate them, without bringing them any harm.

Our professional wildlife removers use one-way doors, and live traps, to safely get animals off your property. Our tools, removal, and exclusion methods will do one of two things:

  • We either trap the animal in a cage, and use that to transport it to a new place, where it won’t be able to bother you, or other people;
  • Or we merely allow it a safe way to exit the home, or its nesting area, while at the same time barring it from reentering.

Once the animal has been safely removed or excluded from the property, we focus on identifying the entry point and sealing it up. This way, other wild animals will not be tempted to enter your home at any time in the future. We also offer damage repair, sanitation and cleanup, and restoration for attics and crawlspaces.

Our team of qualified professionals will also advise you on future prevention methods, and offer you tips on how you can keep wild animals at bay on and around your property. These can be related to cleanliness, or even using various sensors or deterrents to keep animals away.

Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in the removal and exclusion of unwanted wild animals in and around Huntsville, Decatur, and Madison, AL. We are a small, locally-owned wildlife removal business that serves all of Northern Alabama. With over 30 years of experience at our backs, we’ve dealt with any and every possible wildlife situation. In time, we’ve earned the trust and respect of residents, and have ensured the safety of countless humans and animals.

So if you’re struggling with a wildlife nuisance, we highly recommend that you give us a call today, get your FREE estimate, and get your wildlife problem fixed!

We have been trained to safely remove lots of different animals from human properties. Bear in mind that we always use humane, yet efficient removal methods that will ensure your home is free and clear of unwanted pests.

The animals we remove:

  • Bats – in many areas of the United States, bats are protected by law (since they’re considered beneficial to the environment), so we recommend trusting a wildlife removal professional!
  • Raccoons – Raccoons are awful thieves, and will be attracted to even the cleanest of properties;
  • Birds – while birds can actually be pleasant to have around, they can expose you to bacteria, and also attract other predators;
  • Skunks – known for their wildly unpleasant stench, skunks won’t hesitate to spray, if they deem you a threat
  • Squirrels – lastly, squirrels not only damage the home, they also attract other predators, and expose you to bacteria.
  • Groundhogs – unfortunately, groundhogs love scrounging around your dirt for edibles;
  • Snakes – venomous or not, a snake can inflict quite a lot of pain through its bite, not to mention expose you to illness;
  • Coyotes – common in many areas of the U.S., coyotes can pose an active threat to your pets, and even your children;
  • Beavers – although not overtly aggressive, a beaver will bite you, if threatened, and they’ve got really sharp teeth!
  • Foxes – while foxes don’t pose much of a threat, you still probably don’t want them around!
  • Possums – possums have been known to sneak into the home and cause quite a bit of damage to the insulation, and structure.

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