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PLEASE NOTE: We do not remove dogs, cats, mice or rats.

Wildlife Damage Repair

Nuisance Wildlife Control is one of the best wildlife removal companies in the Northern Alabama region. With over thirty years of experience at our backs, we’ve seen any and every possible wild animal situation, and have dealt with it all. Because of our rich and varied experience in the wildlife removal field, we are able to handle any situation that might arise, from removing stubborn skunks, to safely capturing snakes, and pretty much everything in between.

We offer humane wildlife removal and exclusion services that will allow you to rid your property of unwanted wildlife, without actually harming the intrusive animals themselves. We use live trapping, as one of our main removal methods, or employ other non-lethal removal techniques, that ensure the safety and wellbeing of both you and the animals. So if animal cruelty is a concern you have around wildlife removal, you can let that go with us.

What animals do we remove?

At Nuisance Wildlife Control, we’ve had lots of experience working with an array of wild animals, such as:

We are not able to remove bothersome dogs, cats, mice or rats, unfortunately. Unsure whether we deal with the animal that’s bothering you? The easiest way to find out is to give us a call or shoot us a message!

Where are we based?

As we were saying, Nuisance Wildlife Control offers wildlife removal and exclusion solutions in the Northern Alabama region. We have locations in Madison, Huntsville, and Decatur, AL, and will gladly come to your home, in order to inspect the situation and assess the damage.

You can request a free estimate, either through our online form or by giving us a call at 256-636-1168. After the free estimate, you can schedule an appointment, during which our team of wildlife removal professionals will assess the situation, and determine the best removal solution in your particular case. You can trust in us that we will not harm the animal, and be as minimally intrusive as we possibly can. But what comes next? 

Cleaning up the wild animal damage

As you no doubt know by now, there are several concerns around a wild animal invasion, aside from the animal itself. Wild animals expose you to various serious types of bacteria through their droppings, fur, feathers, and so on. Not only that, some wild animals can actively damage your property, including but not limited to your structure (which can potentially endanger the lives of you and yours), the furniture, things kept in storage, walls and floors, insulation, wires (which can pose the risk of fire, if left unchecked), and so many other things.

This is why the first step after you’ve removed a wild animal needs to be assessing and repairing the damage caused. Now obviously, some animals tend to be more destructive than others, so the number of repairs necessary will depend from case to case. They will also depend on the time the animal has been there. Usually, the more time a wild animal spends on your property, the more damage it causes. So aside from wildlife removal, we also offer repair services, like:

  • Replacing insulation – attics are a big favorite among wild animals since the relative peace and quiet of the room mark it out as an ideal nesting location. Creatures like possums have been known to trample and seriously damage insulation, so what we do is replace that;
  • Sealing the entry point – we also need to seal the entry point of the animal promptly, to prevent future invasions. We do this using material that is difficult to chew or claw through, like wire mesh, foam, or other similar materials;
  • Replacing damaged wires – damaged or chewed wires can pose a serious threat to your safety;
  • Cleaning the animal waste – the presence of wild animal droppings exposes you to bacteria and disease, so we also offer expert cleaning and sanitizing services;
  • Fortifying the structure – in case the wild animal has damaged the structure of your home, we may try to fortify it, or if the damage is severe, refer you to a specialized team.

Basically, we will assess the damage caused by the presence of the unwanted wildlife, and repair and replace it so that, by the end of it, you won’t even know there was a wild animal on the property, to begin with. Repairing and sanitizing the home after a wild animal invasion is as important as capturing and removing the wild animal itself, as it’s the only way to ensure your own health and safety.

Dealing with a wild animal infestation in or around Decatur, Madison, or Huntsville, Alabama? Then give us a call at Nuisance Wildlife Control today, and we’ll figure out the best removal and repair solution for you!

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