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PLEASE NOTE: We do not remove dogs, cats, mice or rats.

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It’s important that, when experiencing wildlife trouble, you contact a professional wildlife removal service that is affordable, and in your area. There are a number of benefits to hiring locals, such as reasonable pricing, as well as familiarity with local laws and regulations regarding the removal of certain undesirable wild animals. In some areas, improper wildlife removal can result in fines or other legal troubles, which is why you want someone knowledgeable on the topic.

And if you’re living in Madison County, AL, that wildlife removal company is Nuisance Wildlife Control.

Who are we?

Nuisance Wildlife Control is a locally-owned wildlife removal service, with more than thirty years of experience in the removal, exclusion, and relocation of nuisance wild animals. We serve the entire Northern Alabama region, and have locations in Huntsville and Madison, AL, in Madison County, as well a third location in Decatur, AL, in neighboring Morgan County.

So depending on your particular location, consider giving us a call if a wild animal is pestering you. Our team of wildlife removal experts offers free estimates on how much the whole removal process will cost, depending on your situation. 

If all goes well, we will arrive at your property presently, and deal with the nuisance animal in question, so that, by the time we’re done, you won’t even know there was a wild animal present.

What sort of animals do we remove?

At Nuisance Wildlife Control, we have been trained in the safe and humane removal of:

If you’re unsure whether or not we can help you with your specific wildlife issue, why not give us a call at 256-636-1168? Unfortunately, we are not able to help in the removal of bothersome dogs, cats, rats, or mice.

What sort of services do we offer?

Our team handles the humane removal or exclusion of the above-mentioned wild animals. Basically, humane removals are similar to traditional ones, though they do have one major difference in the fact that they are non-lethal and non-harmful to the animal in question. Not only do we think it’s cruel to hurt a wild animal who’s just looking for food and shelter, but we also find it largely impractical. 

Live Trapping

Live traps are a wildly effective method of capturing an intrusive wild animal (or a bunch of wild animals) on human properties. Once the animal has been lured inside by the use of conveniently placed bait, it will unwittingly step on a motion plate that will cause the trap’s door to fall shut. After the animal is safely trapped, we are able to relocate it to an area where it won’t be able to bother you or your neighbors and release it back into the wild, with no harm done.


Alternatively, our experts might deem it a better option to use exclusion devices, rather than live traps. An exclusion device is mounted to the animal’s entry point, and allows it to leave the house, but not to re-enter, thanks to its unusual shape. Exclusion devices can be highly effective, as well, though they might not be recommended in all situations.

Other Methods

Our team might also decide to use alternative methods, such as deterrents, to keep wild animals away from your property, often by scaring them away. 

Cleaning and Repairs

Nuisance Wildlife Control also offers damage repair service and sanitation. This means our team of experts will set about sanitizing, and removing any offensive material (such as dead animals, feces, or fur) from your property. Left unchecked, these elements can expose you to various harmful bacteria, or attract other predators.

We also handle damage repairs, restoration for attics and crawl spaces, replacing damaged wires, insulation, and other items that might have been affected by the wild animals in or around your home.

Wildlife trouble in Madison County, AL?

If you’re experiencing wildlife issues in Madison County, AL, reach out to one of our branches in Decatur, Madison, or Huntsville, AL, today! Our team of experts will be on their way and will take care of the wild animal in a humane, yet effective method. Remember, the more you hesitate, the more damage the animal is bound to do to your property. 

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