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Humane Bird Control

When we think about intrusive wildlife, we tend to think of skunks, raccoons, bats, squirrels, but rarely think of birds. In truth, birds are just another type of unwanted wildlife that can cause you and your property issues, which is why we at Nuisance Wildlife Control have specialized in removing birds, as well.

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping birds with the use of birdbaths or bird feeders (which can actually be beneficial for your yard), there are such things as invasive or nuisance birds. These are birds that are in some way damaging your property or wrecking havoc around your home. Most commonly, the birds we remove are pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings, and so on.

How do we remove birds?

First of all, we want to assure you that at Nuisance Wildlife Control, we focus on the humane and safe removal of any wild animal. What does that mean? It means that we only use humane and non-lethal traps or exclusion devices that will solve your bird infestation, without actually harming the animal itself.

Just because an animal is bothering you, that shouldn’t mean you kill it. After all, these birds are just looking for food and shelter like most of us.

When it comes to removing birds from your property, the first thing we’ll need to do is inspect your particular situation. This will allow our team of wildlife removal experts to determine the best approach in your particular case. We do have a bunch of different options for safely removing or deterring birds from returning. 

    • Bird netting – As the name suggests, we install a bird net (very fine-looking, very discreet), that will block the bird’s path, and prevent it from returning to your home. While bird netting can be a tad expensive, it’s well worth it, since it’s one of the most effective bird deterrents out there.
  • Bird spikes – A lot of people mistakenly assume bird spikes are something inhumane and painful. As you might guess, bird spikes are literally metal spikes that we attach to ledges, fencing, roofs, and other areas that birds might perch on. These are designed to trigger a bird’s defensive mechanism. Recognizing the danger, a bird won’t try to sit on the spikes, but rather look for a new home, which makes bird spikes quite efficient, while also harmless.
  • Trapping – Depending on the situation, our wildlife removal team might decide that actual bird traps may be necessary. Once again, these traps are non-lethal, and simply capture the aviary, and then release it in a safe environment. We are able to trap multiple birds in one trapping session, thus efficiently ridding your property of nuisance birds.

Of course, our wildlife removal professionals might suggest other bird removal methods, such as electrical deterrents, which are often installed around a home or a business, to keep birds at bay. While this may sound cruel, as with the bird spikes, the electrical deterrents are actually very low and don’t cause any actual harm to the bird. It just discourages birds from nesting on your property.

If you keep having bird problems…

Maybe you need to consider why. Most commonly birds will be attracted to your property in search of food, or a comfy nesting space. So simply reducing possible food sources on your property, or regularly cleaning up areas like the roof can diminish the attraction. We also suggest that you clean up your trees regularly, and check for bird nests. 

Often, even if the bird isn’t bothering you per se, its presence can attract other unwanted wildlife, like snakes, or rats.

Are you struggling with a bird invasion?

Then why not reach out to our team at Nuisance Wildlife Control for a free estimate today? You can contact us online, or over the telephone. Our wildlife removal professionals serve most of the Northern Alabama region. We have locations in Decatur, Madison, and Huntsville, AL, at the moment, and we are looking forward to helping you. What’s more, our team of experts will also be able to advise you on preventive measures, and how to avoid bird troubles in the future. 

So if a bird or family of birds is bothering you, give us a call today!


How to Get Pigeons Out of The Attic?

You want to use the right methods to get rid of pigeons that have made their way into your home. Pigeons can seem harmless at first, but their droppings and waste can be toxic and potentially dangerous to your health and your home. Visit to learn more about pigeons.

Really, you should get any pigeons out of your attic as quickly as possible. Luckily, we will go over the best pigeon removal methods in this post!

  1. Use Bird Spikes to Stop Pigeons From Nesting

Pigeons enjoy nesting in attics for several different reasons. Not only is this area of your home spacious and empty, but attics offer a safe and dry place for pigeons to make their nests. In order to make pigeons get out, you need to make your attic inhospitable. 

Bird spikes are one way to do this. These devices will prevent pigeons and other types of birds from nesting and perching in your attic. The spikes make it harder for birds to stay comfortable in your home. And these devices are humane and easy to install. 

You can also put down gel pads and wire coils to make your attic even more difficult for pigeons to rest and nest in. But this is up to you, depending on how stubborn the pigeons are you might need to put more work into your removal efforts.  

  1. Spray Pigeon Repellent

Using pigeon repellent is another great method for pigeon removal. All-natural sprays can be used in your house and will keep pigeons out of your home. If you don’t want to spray anything with a smell, though, you can also spray water at these birds to get them to leave your property. 

We don’t recommend using chemicals or other poisonous substances to get rid of pigeons, as this can be highly dangerous to you and any birds in your attic. 

  1. Set Up Bird Traps 

You can set up exclusion traps in your attic to get rid of pigeons effectively. You will have to find out where the pigeons are coming from and how they enter and leave your attic. So search for any entry points.

Then, set up your exclusion traps. Any remaining entry points and holes should be sealed up with mesh wiring or bird nettings. This way the pigeons can’t sneak back in. This method can be a little time-consuming, but it is highly effective!

  1. Get Rid of Food Sources Inside and Outside Your Home

Homeowners need to get rid of food sources inside and outside their homes. Birds are naturally attracted to food, especially if you leave food out on your property. Get rid of any bird feeders outside. Put away pet food and other food you have eaten outdoors. Also, secure any trash bags you have on your property.

Finally, you want to make sure that food inside your home is secured in closed bags and containers, this way the pigeons can’t feed themselves while they are in your attic. The less food you have out in the open the better. 

  1. Seek Professional Help

Pigeons in your attic pose more of a risk than you might realize. These birds carry diseases and can create damage to your home and even your health. You want to contact professionals who can deal with this issue for you. Nuisance Wildlife Control has over three decades of experience dealing with wild animals. 

Contact Nuisance Wildlife Control Today

The Nuisance Wildlife Control team can swiftly get rid of any pigeons or wildlife on the property. Please contact us through our website here or through our phone number: (256) 636-1168. We’ll take all the hassle out of animal removal and get the job done professionally and efficiently!

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How To Keep Birds Out Of The Soffit?

The soffit is the part of the house that closes the gap between the roof and the exterior walls of your home. This makes it an excellent place for birds to gather since it provides them with plenty of warmth and protection from the elements.

This arrangement works well for the birds, but it can cause you a lot of problems. Birds can be very territorial, so they’ll become aggressive if you get too close. These animals also leave droppings, which permanently damages your home due to its corrosive nature. Birds also carry diseases like salmonellosis and histoplasmosis, which poses a health hazard to you and your household.

You don’t want any of these things to happen, so you should take these precautions to keep birds out of the soffit of your home.

1. Add Visual Deterrents

Visual deterrents are one of the easiest ways to keep birds away from your home. They’re cheap and easy to install, making them a great place to start. Just keep in mind that they are not a permanent solution, and they do not always work.

  • Reflective material. Birds aren’t very intelligent, so you can scare them with some subtle lighting. Silver streamers and aluminum foil reflect light, which can look like movement from a distance. Birds will think there’s a snake or other predator nearby, so they’ll leave the area.
  • Decoy birds. Birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and owls hunt many smaller birds that enter your soffit. You can place a statue or decoy of these predators to ward off unwanted birds.

2. Block Food Sources

We all know that living things need food to survive, so you can use this knowledge to keep birds away from your home.

  • Sealing your garbage cans. Birds and many other wild animals find food in your garbage cans. That’s why you should buy and use a lid that will keep the smell of food inside while keeping wildlife outside.
  • Removing bird feeders. It goes without saying that birds like bird feeders. If you still have one around your home, you should either remove it or move it far away.
  • Covering your plants. If you grow fruits and vegetables in your garden, then you should consider covering them with bird netting. This keeps your plants safe, while preventing birds from getting free food.
  • Cleaning your gutter. Birds need water as much as they need food, so they often rely on the gutter to satiate their thirst. By cleaning your gutter on a regular basis, wild birds have one less reason to enter your soffit.

3. Install Bird Netting

Bird netting is often used to keep these pesky animals away from important plants, so why not use it directly to keep them away from your soffit? This is a great solution and it’s very effective, so you should call a professional to install some bird netting for you.

4. Build A Bird Box

A lot of the methods so far focused on completely getting rid of birds. If you’re someone who likes birds but doesn’t want them in your soffit, you should consider building a bird box nearby.

These tiny homes give birds exactly what they want — warmth and safety — so they’ll stick to these instead of entering the soffit. Combine that with a birdfeeder, and you can enjoy the presence of these winged animals without worrying too much about home damage.

5. Call A Professional

Preventing and removing birds is no easy task, especially since many species are protected by law. That’s why you should contact professionals to handle the problem for you, as they can ensure you’re following all the correct procedures.

In addition to that, experts will save you time while providing you with solutions that satisfy your unique needs. So call us today to solve your bird problem.

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